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Thursday, April 23, 2009

My new place

So after a long time away from the internet...I'm back!
A lot has changed since July 2008 (all good) but luckily my cage/apartment is still the same. Only the outer apartment where I run around has changed.

Top floor of the loft

Now you can see most of the loft

And finally a bit of the surroundings (with the stairs which I haven't tried to climb yet)
Enough with the home tour- its time for me to eat!


At 4/23/2009 8:33 AM, Blogger FrecklesandDeb said...

Welcome back! Great new digs! We'd stay away from those scary looking stairs!

At 4/28/2009 1:58 AM, Blogger Pet Articles said...

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At 5/17/2009 9:16 PM, Blogger Kimberly said...

We are so very glad to have an update! Love the new place!

At 5/24/2009 2:50 PM, Blogger The Fluffy Tribe said...

you have to try those stairs Hops ~the Fluffy Tribe

At 11/18/2010 5:48 AM, Anonymous Kylie said...

Oh you look so sad being alone in that big rabbit hutch... Anyway, you are still lucky for having such a home because there are so many rabbits out there hoping for adoption. You should be thankful of the support and love you are getting right now.


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